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2021 Summit Overview


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SES 2021Virtual Summit will support systemic social change through use of artistic and cultural expression, identify ways that corporate and philanthropic organizations may participate in social change by engaging with artivists, and showcasing the work of artivists. The summit will bring together upwards of 400 Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), along with white allies/partners while centering the arts.

"SES 2021, themed “Art > Activism > Revolution: Are U About This Life?” A Community Collaboration Between Creatives From Seattle, WA and Detroit, MI. We have already begun to schedule presenters who will share their stories as artist/activists or “artivists” who have been on the forefront of movements for social justice. SES 2021 will support systemic social change through use of artistic and cultural expression, identify ways that for-profit companies and philanthropy may participate in social change by engaging with artivists, and showcase the work of artivists.


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SES Equity Statement

Equity is an ardent journey toward well-being as defined by the affected. Equity demands sacrifice and redistribution of power and resources in order to break systems of oppression, heal continuing wounds, and realize justice. To achieve equity and social justice, we must first root out deeply entrenched systems of racism. Equity proactively builds strong foundations of agency, is vigilant for unintended consequences, and boldly aspires to be restorative. Equity is disruptive and uncomfortable and not voluntary. Equity is fundamental to the community we want to build.


Buzz Event Details

The Seattle Equity Summit is a community collaboration between creatives from the city of Seattle and the city of Detroit!

This session will highlight creatives who use artistic expression to bring attention to injustice and inequity, to raise consciousness, to empower and to invoke healing in the community.

Culture is POWER! is the third and final series of events leading up to our 2021 Seattle Equity Summit to be held on July 21-22, 2021. This year, we are exploring how artists are change agents and the necessity of leveraging art and artists to address society’s most pressing issues. We believe that art provides the framework for social and economic justice.

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Because our society and education systems aren’t set up to help Black boys reach their potential, as educators it’s our collective opportunity and responsibility to co-create the school environment every child deserves.

Studies demonstrate how school design systemically ignores the collective genius and lived experiences of Black boys, ultimately hampering their ability to flourish. However, Kingmakers of Oakland's approach has proven it is possible to rebuild the systems, structures, conditions and culture of school so Black boys can thrive. These improvements, when sustained, allow educators to engage, encourage and empower the next generation of leaders and changemakers.


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Critical Theory is a Detroit-based RIOTJAZZ musical collective founded in 2015. You can find our music on all streaming services under our name


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Instagram @criticaltheorymusic

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Event Schedule


Food is Power! Featuring local chefs and all things food

June 24, 2021 @ 4 p.m. PDT

Culture is Power! Featuring dance, music, and the arts across cultures

July 21 and 22, 2021 @ all day

3rd Annual Seattle Equity Summit themed “Art —> Activism —> Revolution: Are U About This Life?”

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Zahyr Lauren, also known as The Artist L.Haz, creates in order to share light and love with community. Z comes from a powerful, southern black matriarchy that migrated from Oklahoma and Mississippi to California with nothing, and made something for generations to come. Z is a West Coast based artist, humanstorian, former Human Rights Investigator, and former Attorney who began drawing in 2015.

The practice of meditative art, for Z, has become a salve, helping to cope with the trauma of coming from the injustice systems most heavily targeted community. The practice provides a meditative reprieve from the world.

Follow them on Instagram @zahyr_theartist_lhaz

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JOLYN GC "Galactic Catalyst” is the Co-creator and Co-Executive Producer of The Come Up Series - a financial and investment education media company. The focus is to teach Black and other people of color how to use investment knowledge to close the wealth gap. Known as the First Lady of Leisure, she boldly asserts, “I don’t work. I create.” Jolyn continues to take her reparations out of the market to live a leisurely life where she is freed up to create as she sees fit. Jolyn is an award winning artist and curator, and co-founder of a tech startup.

Follow Jolyn on Instagram @jolyngc

ANTHONY SHOECRAFT is the Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development for Kingmakers of Oakland. Previously, he served a number of leadership roles focusing on Black Male Achievement in the City of Seattle Mayor's Office and Department of Education and Early Learning following years of leadership in regional education organizing, policy and advocacy. Anthony graduated from Hampton University (BA, Psychology) and the University of Washington (MPA, MSW). He is hella proud to be from Seattle's south end, embarrassingly giddy husband and father of two young children, and cooking enthusiast.

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